Whoah! I did it - 700 kilometres by bike since 15th of May. Or actually 701 km. The original plan was that I'd have reached it last weekend, but I got scared of the weather; rain, rain and rain;(

Well, that's it. What's the next goal? Realistic goal could be about 750 kilometres before Sunday. It seems to be a small amount, but the owner of my loan bike comes home today, so I don't know if I can ride that bike anymore. Of course there's always this other bike, a red grannybike with 3 gears. Come to think of it, it actually could do well to ride in a different kind of position for a change. You see, when you ride this bike, your back is more upright compared to the position it is while riding a mountain bike. My shoulders and neck could actually love it. Let's give it a chance! ;)