X-men begins with an encounter of two strangers. Logan is a showfighter in a bar. For a certain sum of money anyone can challenge him. Rogue for one is a startled girl, who has gone wandering from her home and gets lost into the bar in question. Some disagreements arise in the bar.Rogue sneaks into Logans car. After sulky attitude that Logan has towards Rogue at first, he accepts her and a friendship of mutants has seen the daylight.

The main theme of the movie consists of the disagreements between Professor Xaviers' X-men and the troups lead by Magneto. Former friend of the professor,Magneto, doesn't exactly believe that humans and mutants could live at the same planet and he tries his everything to wipe out the humankind. With unsatisfactory success though, thanks to the heroic action of X-men.

This extraordinary movie shouldn't be a disappointment even to the sworn X-men fans. My old passion towards the X-men comics woke up as soon as the film ended. The next day I just had to walk into a second-hand bookshop and buy more these extraordinary adventures. And I mean the good old comics and not the plastic-like and phony new comicbooks based on the movies.

Casting in the movie is on the money. Especially Hugh Jackman as Logan and Halle Berry as Storm made a deep impact on me, and not to forget Patrick Stewart(professor Xavier). I really liked the way that Cyclop, Storm and partners were presented in the movie. There's just enough action and effects and even the effects aren't as overflowing as they are for example in Matrix. This movie is worth seeing.

Director:Bryan Singer
Cast:Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Ian McKellen, Anna  Paquin
Genre:Action / Thriller
Runtime:104 min
Original title:X-Men