Okay, it's been a while since the last post... I don't have any excuse, don't know what happened. Obviously nothing, because there's been nothing to write about ;)

Actually I've got nothing to say, even now. I just happened to remember that I have this blog. Maybe I should write it? Let's see... Hmm....Is there really NOTHING at all to write about?

Let's see... I was in Juuka a week ago. At the same time my sister visited Juuka with her kids. That was fun. The kids are so energetic and nice. And the same goes to my sister ;) I spent the days with them. Then I looked for a job in Internet, and wrote some applications and sent them, ofcourse ;) Let's see what happens.

I've also translated Facebook voluntarily, among others. It's been fun and interesting.

This week I got some bad news, but actually it wasn't anything new - I didn't get the job I applied for. Well, there's still hope, haven't heard from a couple of jobs.. Let's see if I hear some good news for a change. I really hope so.  Next week I'm going to visit my friends in Kuopio, and I'm hoping, or actually I know, that I will get some more energy from there. I haven't been in Kuopio since April, and I'm really looking forward to it. Let's see if it is as fun as I think it will be ;)